treatment five | quick facts

Treatment five

July 15 - August 31

A balance fertilizer with a lower rate of nitrogen than the previous treatment will be applied to prevent a surge in growth. This fertilizer will contain a high rate of potassium for root growth and development helping grass prepare for the fall. Iron is added to enhance color. Weeds will be addressed that are present such as Dallisgrass. 

Homeowner Tips:
Mow! Grass will be growing fast now and will need to be mowed at least weekly. Keep mowing height at 2-3 inches and mow frequently enough to not scalp and cause a brown look to the lawn. Scalping the lawn will cause excessive thatch, damage to turf, and cause open areas in the grass canopy. All these factors will promote weed growth. Raising the mowing heght ½ inch in shaded areas will help prevent damaging these areas. Plan to raise the overall mowing height ½ inch during the month of September. Most likely irrigation will be needed. Irrigate in the early morning hours. Ideally, a lawn needs 1 inch of water by either rain or irrigation every 5 days now. Placing an aluminum pie pan in the yard while running sprinklers is a great measuring tool. Do not water in the evenings. This will keep the leaf surface wet overnight and promote disease.